A major resource for learning about dance and for studying the art of choreography, the CCN ‑ Ballet de Lorraine is developing a differentiated strategy in arts and cultural education through several specific actions. It contributes to cultural democratization and helps attract and retain audiences, through encounters and dialogue with artists, focusing on artistic practices – and they are open to all audiences.

The entire staff of the CCN – Ballet de Lorraine is involved in this process, and specifically Joris Perez, a dancer and the company’s community outreach specialist.

These actions target specific audiences:


Teachers, from grammar to high school: the CCN – Ballet de Lorraine will work with you to develop actions linked to your own pedagogical projects.


You teach in an institution of higher learning: we offer your students a workshop to explore contemporary dance or an immersion into the daily life of a major cultural structure.

Disadvantaged audiences:

You are a teacher, an aide, a psychologist, the leader of a group: please feel free to contact us to conceive of projects in which dance becomes a form of expression which can transcend certain handicaps or social difficulties.

Amateur dancers:

You are a company, an association, a dance school, another educational institution: you would like to do more in your practice, work on a specific piece, or help others to discover contemporary dance – we welcome you at our studios.